Commit 7a569fd8 authored by Dennis Rassmann's avatar Dennis Rassmann

sweep2wake: the button-backlight is item 0 in the shooter led_config

parent d007bd22
......@@ -594,9 +594,9 @@ static int pm8058_led_probe(struct platform_device *pdev)
if (!strcmp(pdata->led_config[2].name, "button-backlight")) {
printk(KERN_INFO "[sweep2wake]: set led device %s, bank %d\n", pdata->led_config[2].name, ldata[2].bank);
if (!strcmp(pdata->led_config[0].name, "button-backlight")) {
printk(KERN_INFO "[sweep2wake]: set led device %s, bank %d\n", pdata->led_config[0].name, ldata[0].bank);
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